Step Down / Fitness Program

We are proud to offer fitness and wellness services right here in our practice. When you participate in our fitness program, you and fitness team have easy access to your physical therapists that knows your health and orthopedic history. Therefore, we can customize your fitness program and decrease your chance of reinjury.

Why Should You Choose a Fitness Center?

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, including older adults. No matter your health and physical abilities, you can gain a lot by staying active. In fact, in most cases you have more to lose by not being active.

Here are just a few of the benefits. Exercise and physical activity:

  • Can help maintain and improve your physical strength and fitness.
  • Can help improve your ability to do the everyday things you want to do.
  • Can help improve your balance.
  • Can help manage and improve diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.
  • Can help reduce feelings of depression and may improve mood and overall well-being.
  • May improve your ability to shift quickly between tasks, plan an activity, and ignore irrelevant information.

The key word in all these benefits is YOU — how fit and active you are now and how much effort you put into being active.

Custom Program Development, Fitness Progression, and Monitoring

We want to help you become more active, get the most from your activities, and do them safely. The key is to know your starting point and build slowly from there. Knowing where you are right now will help you pick activities that are realistic for you so that you can be successful.

Because we’ve worked with you to rehabilitate a neuro-musculoskeletal problem we have a good idea of where you should start your fitness program. With your input and feedback, we will help you get the most out of the time you spend with us.

If you have any questions about our fitness program, we encourage you to contact us at (201) 358-9200